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Minnesota Honey Company Story
The founders, Deborah and Kelley Flanders, developed the idea for the Minnesota Honey Company after working a number of years in Deborah’s family honey business. In the early days, their family farm was a dairy farm. In time, the family farm moved from milk production to honey harvesting.

The retail concept came to this husband-and-wife team after selling the family’s honey products at local farmers’ markets and the Minnesota State Fair. The State Fair was one of the few places where people could find local honey and hive-based products in one place from a number of local beekeepers.

Recognizing the buzz for raw honey and the gap in year-around availability, the seed was planted. A few years later, in 2013, Kelley and Deborah gave up their personal farm and moved to the city to open up the Minnesota Honey Company retail store in Southwest Minneapolis.